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Product Name: WEATHER FAX-408


Description: WEATHER FAXIMILE RECEIVER MODEL: FAX-408 The FAX 408 provides weather charts and satellite images in nine gray levels on 8" thermal paper. Electronic scanning and thermal head printing in nine shades of gray produce high quality facsimile images, while minimal mechanical components allows for an incredibly quiet operation. All known facsimile channels in the 2-25 MHz band are pre-programmed, and an additional 164 user-programmable channels are available. Fully automatic operation as available via programmable schedule timer. The JAX-9A is a compact weather facsimile using a 10” wide recorder. The JAX-9A can receive weather charts and fishing information simply and efficiently utilizing a synthesized receiver. With its high-density recorder, the JAX-9A is designed to give you years of reliable use. Reconditioned unit tested & found in good working condition. we have all spares available. Save money & planet Earth: buy reconditioned spares from our stock.Sve your Money .