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Product Name: STD 22 GYROCOMPASS


Description: Standard 22 Gyro Compass Condition: 2nd Standard 22 Gyro Compass With Anschutz being the inventor of the Gyro Compass, shipowners all over the world have eyed the quality and extensive traditions of the German-based navigation manufacturer. Older Anschütz gyros were well known for their accuracy and reliability, and the Std 22 takes this to a new level with a patented data transmission technology which entirely removes the need for slip rings. There is a reason that the IMO approved Standard 22 is the most popular gyro on the market. In 2014, Raytheon-Anschutz could announce its 15.000th sold Standard 22 Gyro Compass, and after 10 years on the market, a whole 1.800 gyro compasses sold every year, shipowners of all industries realize the advantages of depending on the amazing product that is the Standard 22 Gyro Compass system. Today the gyro can be found on all types of vessels: Mega and luxury yachts, cargo ships, fishing vessels etc. The accuracy and reliability give shipowners and ship operations the peace to sleep at night, and with the Standard 22 having been designed to provide ships with the absolute highest operational safety even in harsh weathers, the gyro compass is highly recommended for all projects: New builds, retrofits, or upgrades. The compass can even easily be integrated into existing setups. The compass provides long maintenance periods and easy installation, saving shipowners on the service part. Furthermore the gyrosphere experiences a high life-time, a whole 5 years in average. Therefore the Standard 22 is a smart and secure investment. Further features includes the optional Quick settling which will reduce to settling time to only one hour. There are intelligent functionalities such as a heading management system, and a wide product range enables a total fulfillment of individual needs. Possible setups and custom solutions with the Standard 22 Gyro Compass system The Standard 22 can be combined in a number of possible setups. As a heading management system, an operator unit, the gyro, and a magnetic compass or a GNSS compass can be connected with heading receivers eg. autopilots, repeaters, radars etc. through the 12 serial (12 Course Bus/NMEA) distribution box. The Standard 22 also provides for a setup of a heading management system with redundancy in the distribution as well as redundancy of compasses. Two gyros are connected with the system, enabling failure-less operation. We furthermore experience customers that opt for a triple-gyro setup for maximum operation. In general the Standard 22 can be customized in a lot of different setups, and we encourage our customers that are interested in an offer on a custom architecture to contact us. We are experienced in larger, customized custom projects, and we are ready to deliver to any project and for any vessel no matter its size and trade area. Our engineers are well trained in Raytheon-Anschutz equipment, and we know the product range with expertise