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Product Name: RUTTER VDR100 G3 G3 S


Description: RUTTER VDR100 G3 G3S RUTTER VDR100 G3 - G3/S Category: VDR / S-VDR Manufacturer: Rutter A logical progression of our proven G2 technology, the VDR-100G3 delivers performance, reliability and value in a new compact easy-to-install unit with significant enhancements to data storage and retrieval functions. The G3 is designed to be bulkhead-mountable but its new smaller profile and orientation flexibility enables it to be installed almost anywhere on the bridge. It is thoughtfully designed to reduce cabling costs and installation time. Rutter offers truly global product support and installation capability and one of the largest reference lists in the industry today. Features Compact, easily installed wall-mount unit Solid state memory devices for essential VDR functions New USB function for simplified data retrieval Extended internal storage capacity Modular “fit-anywhere” design reduces retrofit cost and out-of-service time Data output socket and playback software included AddThis Social Bookmark Button