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Product Name: NAVIGAT X MK 2


Description: Navigat X MK 2 – Gyro Compass The NAVIGAT X MK 2 gyrocompass is a compact, one unit design that runs on a 24-volt power supply with two independent DC inputs. It can drive up to four analogue repeaters and provides five additional serial data outputs and one six-steps/degree output. The NAVIGAT X MK 2 Digital Gyrocompass system provides a cost-effective solution that satisfies the international carriage requirements for a type-approved marine gyrocompass. This gyro compass solution is a cost-efficient way to benefit from the latest gyro compass technology of Sperry Marine. The NAVIGAT X MK 2 ensures high accuracy and reliability in all weather conditions. Key benefits: Easy to install and easy to service gyro system remains north-stabilized during power interruptions of up to three minutes Complies with IMO regulations A.424(XI), A.694(17) and ISO 8728 MED (Wheelmark) approval Comprises one single unit Short maintenance and repair times – low service costs Monitoring and alarm functions for all voltages, gyroscope current and follow-up system. Short maintenance and repair times – low service costs. Permanent storage of operational data (gyrosphere current, temperature, elapsed operation time). Self-aligning repeater compasses with serial interface IEC-61162-1 / RS 422