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Product Name: JRC 680 Echosounder


Description: JRC JFE-680 Echosounder JRC JFE-680 ECHO SOUNDER JRC JFE‐680‐25 Navigational Echo Sounder, 10.4" LCD, Built‐in Printer, 50/200kHz Dual Transducer 10.4" IMO Echo Sounder 10.4" new color TFT echo sounder displays sub aqua conditions with startling effectiveness Description: Features The powerfully built, all-in-one JFE-680 echo sounder integrates advanced depth data technology, displaying sub aqua conditions with startling effectiveness. Display modes JRC’s new standard in navigation echo sounding incorporates a 10.4” high visibility colour TFT display. The innovative display modes allow you to select and view echoes in 8 colours or 8 levels of monochrome. The all-in-one JFE-680 echo sounder has a system-integrated thermal printer, providing the ship’s