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Product Name: Furuno Processor Pcb,Master Pcb


Description: Furuno Rader Processor pcb/ Master pcb navigation Items . FURUNO ARPA Radar FAR-28x7 series and FAR-21x7 series fully meet the latest performance standards of IMO and IEC for all ships and for ships under 10,000 GT, respectively. It is designed to meet the demands of today's maritime industry. The FAR-21x7/28x7 series radar has DVI (Digital Video Interface) facility integrated to deliver crisp and clear radar images. Target detection is enhanced by sophisticated signal processing techniques featuring superb short range detection. AIS information scheme can be incorporated when AIS transponder/receiver is interfaced, thereby further enhancing situation awareness of the operators. FURUNO ARPA Radar FAR-21x7/28x7 series brings greater bridge performance and enhanced navigation accuracy, increasing both operating efficiency and safety level at sea.