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Product Name: Oil Mist Detector Visatron VN 93


Description: Oil Mist Detector Visatron VN 93 Schaller Visatron VN 215/93 Oil Mist Detector Schaller Visatron VN 115-87 Plus Oil Mist Detector Make: Schaller Automation Type: VN 215/93 we offer you All Kind of 2nd Schaller, Graviner, Daihatsu Oil Mist Detector and its Spares. Type: VN 115/87 During Reconditioning of Oil Mist Detector. Following procedures done very carefully so unit will be function accurately. VN215/87 Plus Oil Mist Detection System The Visatron VN215/87 Plus operates in a similar same way as the Visatron VN 116/87 Plus when it comes to a high oil mist alarm tripping. The Visatron VN215/87 Plus is able to indicate the suction point with the highest opacity, and thus the compartment in which the overheating damage has been done. The Visatron VN215/87 Plus has a single-suction-tube system, and each compartment is being connected by a separate tube to the valve box that is designed for 10 suction lines. our stock have complete reconditioned units available for immediate delivery.