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Product Name: Graviner MK 5


Description: Graviner MK 5 The "Graviner" Oil Mist Detector (OMD) is an acknowledged industry leader, fitted to countless ships worldwide. The OMD continuously monitors the density of oil mist in the crankcase of a diesel engine and will signal an alarm if the density exceeds a preset threshold. A build up of excessive oil mist, due to an engine fault such as an overheated bearing, could result in a crankcase and at worst, loss of the vessel. The Graviner Mk5 OMD is an analogue oil mist detection system, capable of monitoring. detector heads fitted on up to 8 engines. This is achieved without sample pipes and with minimum cabling. ACSPL have factory trained engineers and are able to carry out servicing, repairs and installation/commissioning of Graviner Oil Mist Detection Systems. We carry Graviner systems and spare parts at our facility in all Bangladesh port.